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ComfyJ 2.12

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With ComfyJ, you can use ActiveX/COM/OLE/OCX objects right from your Java application and implement Java objects as COM objects, without writing native code. You could easily integrate your Java application with Microsoft Office Word, Excel* and Outlook, with Internet Explorer?? , Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat etc. entirely in the Java language.


COM Interfaces & Data Types Wrappers:
· They allow working with COM types and interfaces likewise ordinary Java objects. For instance, you can use IUnknown, IClassFactory, IDispatch as usual Java interfaces and Variant (VARIANT), BStr (BSTR), SafeArray etc. as usual Java types.

VTBL & COM Automation:
· ComfyJ allows to invoke methods of a COM object via its function indexes in VTBL (Virtual Method Table) or by their names using Automation approach. Also, Automation allows getting and setting properties of a COM object, including indexed and named ones.

Embedding of OLE/OCX/ActiveX Components to Swing:
· Use any visual COM component (OCX/ActiveX) in Java Swing UI. Using this functionality you can embed various ActiveX applications, such as Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office as well as various media components such as Windows MediaPlayer, DVD player, QuickTime, ShockwaveFlash, etc.
· Create an embedded object using ProgID, CLSID, or from a document file. Also, there is an ability to insert a COM object (which implements IOleObject COM interface) into container.
· Save and load an embedded OleObject to or from a file in a special binary format.

COM Memory Management:
· All COM and other native resources will be garbage-collected automatically or you can release them if required by the application logic.

Support for Multiple Threading Models:
· ComfyJ provides a set of different concurrency models which you can use for initializing COM integration in your Java application.

Handling of COM Events:
· ComfyJ provides standard COM technique for creating and advising COM event handlers to a COM object.

DCOM Support:
· ComfyJ allows you to create a COM object on a remote server.

Development of Java COM Servers:
· To simplify creation of custom Java COM servers ComfyJ provides the base classes such as IUnknownServer and IDispatchServer, so any custom Java COM objects can inherit these classes depending on application requirements. Such Java COM servers can implement as many COM interfaces as required. It can be standard COM interfaces as well as those which were generated by Code Generator application of ComfyJ or custom ones.

Registration of Java COM Servers:
· ComfyJ also provides convenient ways for registering of created Java COM servers. Such registration can be performed at run time, for example for COM event handlers, or in COM Registry using a bundled ServerManager application. Also, there is the ability to register Java COM servers at runtime without using ServerManager application at all. Such registered Java COM servers can be used by other COM applications.

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