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Cubase 6 105 - Working With Audio

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Want to record audio in Cubase? Let Matt Hepworth show you everything you need to know about Working With Audio in Cubase 6.

Recording and editing audio is complex. There are so many details you need to know to do it right! This course, Working With Audio, is led by Matt Hepworth – one of Steinberg North America's Product Specialists. Matt begins with an exploration of the digital recording process. He covers setting levels, and monitoring. He explains the different techniques needed to record both mic and line audio. Next Matt explains the different recording techniques like cycle, comping and punch and how these are implemented in Cubase 6.

What about editing? Well, it’s all here. Matt explains Cubase’s non destructive editing. He shows you how to use the fade handles and how and when to use crossfades. There’s a section on using Vari-Audio for pitch correction and another about editing with folders and even how to turn audio into MIDI!

But that’s just the beginning. This tutorial is filled with all kinds of cools videos that explore some of Cubase 6’s deepest audio secrets. So if you’re looking to learn about audio in Cubase 6 then hit the play button and let Matt Hepworth teach you to be an audio expert in Cubase 6!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to the Working with Audio Tutorial
2. Setting Proper Input Levels
3. Choosing a Method for Monitoring
4. Examples of Software vs. Direct Monitor Methods
5. Start Recording on Measure 2, Not Measure 1
6. Recording Audio from Line Level Sources
7. Turn Off Your Speakers and Use Headphones
8. Recording Audio from Microphone Sources
9. Cycle Recording with Audio
10. Using the Comping Lanes
11. Recording on Alternating Tracks
12. Punch Recording
13. The Concept of Non-Destructive Editing
14. Using the Fade Handles
15. Don’t Normalize, Use the Volume Handle
16. When and How to use Crossfades
17. Slide Editing
18. Vari-Audio Editing (Pitch Correction)
19. Vari-Audio on a Comping Lane
20. Extracting MIDI from Audio Tracks
21. Making and using Folder Tracks
22. Group Editing
23. Quantizing a Multitrack Drum Project
24. Drum Replacement
25. Using Tempo Detection
26. Setting up Multi-track – Multi Input projects
27. Importing Audio CDs
28. The Concept of The Pool
29. Using Insert into Project
30. Find/Resolve Missing Audio Files
31. Minimizing Files
32. Emptying the Trash
33. Prepare Archive vs Backup Project Command


By Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
HD Video Tutorials
Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
In-depth Tutorial
Professional Instruction
Clear presentations and explanations
Easy-to-follow content

User Rating: 3.0 (4 votes)

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OS: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64

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