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DiInSo 1.0

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IPGG SB RAS GeoElectric Laboratory
The Direct-Inverse-Solver (DiInSo) software package is orient to solve direct 3D and inverse 2D/3D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) problems on direct current (DC). The 32-bit version of the program is free for academic research, differs little from the 64-bit version and has no limitations except for the natural constraint of any 32-bit application (the maximum amount of random access memory (RAM) which can be used by the application is limited to 2 Gigabytes). DiInSo written in C/C++ programming language and use multi-threaded algorithms, which allows you to use full power of your computer. Program has Windows-based interface. Distinctive features of DiInSo are: The use of tetrahedral (or triangular in the 2D case) meshes when solving both direct and inverse problems of ERT, which allows you to specify the geometries of areas of any complexity; A wide range of options for solving direct and inverse problems of ERT, with which you can adjust the solution algorithm for specific purposes; Built-in graphical visualizers, using which the user get first assesses of the results, without leaving the program; Detailed documentation in English with examples that will allow you to learn the program in a few days without absorbing in a complex theory; The ability to convert input data from other ERT software systems to the DiInSo program format; The connectivity of the DiInSo software with well-proven OpenSource projects, which allows developing DiInSo with high speed; The ability to use many of the DiInSo software options in automatic mode for novice users who have not yet learned all the features of this options. Please note that this project is under development, and therefore it is possible that there are small, medium, large and even critical errors that you can report to the chief programmer to speed up the errors correction and development process. Chief programmer - Arkadiy Marinenko. e-mail: email

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x64 compatible software
OS: Win2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Requirements: Win32 (MS Windows 7, 8, 10), 2 GB RAM, 100 MB of free HDD space

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