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Drawing Merge 20100220

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Every document scanning department/bureau has the problem where large format documents/drawings that have to be scanned separately on a different scanner from the main A4/A3 documents have to be manually merged with the main document

It is then a time-consuming task to put the files back together again so that the drawings are in the correct pagination sequence within the multipage tiff. Drawing Merge completely automates this process. Simply scan our drawing placement barcode headsheet at the correct place within the A4/A3 file and then scan the large format drawing on your plan scanner and save the drawing tiff as the same name as the barcode headsheet in the main A4/A3 file. Then run our Drawing Merge software and it will automatically build a new multipage tiff file that includes all of your A4/A3 documents and your drawings/large format documents are then correctly compiled into the new multipage tiff file in the correct pagination sequence by replacing the barcode headsheets with the large format drawing scans.


We have now changed all of that and have now automated this task.

How does it work?

1. Prepare your paper files for scanning as normal, eg, remove staples etc.
2. Remove each large format drawing, placing one of our drawing barcode headsheets in the same position within the file (replacing the drawing).
3. Each of our barcode headsheets has a unique 4 digit barcode number printed on it.
4. Discretely hand-write the barcode number within the border or the back of the large format drawing.
5. Scan the A4/A3 documents including the barcode headsheets on your document scanner.
6. Scan the large format drawings on your large format drawing scanner and save each drawing tiff file as the corresponding barcode headsheet number (remember we hand wrote this number onto the border or the back of each drawing at the preparation stage)
7. Once all scanning is complete, simply
1. Run our Drawing Merge software and it will automatically
1. Look for the barcode headsheets within the main multipage A4/A3 scans.
2. When it encounters a drawing barcode headsheet, it will then locate the corresponding tiff file for the drawing and replace the barcode headsheet within the main document with the large format drawing
3. A log of all activity is generated

It's as simple as that. A very complex process that would normally cost you many hours of expensive work is now completed as an unattended process. Run it over night...it's like having unpaid shift workers who work without breaks!

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x64 compatible software
Homepage: Drawing Merge
OS: Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64

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