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Drools Planner 7.25.0

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updated: 2019-02-04

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Drools Planner optimizes automated planning. This JavaTM open source framework can deal with NP hard planning problems by using meta-heuristic algorithms such as tabu search and simulated annealing.

Whether you are filling shipping containers, a moving truck or even just your suitcase, you are doing bin packing. Some of the constraints can include:

Each container type has a maximum weight.
The weight in a container should be spread as evenly as possible.
Different container types have different prices: minimize the overall cost.
Not all items are added or removed from the container at the same time: minimize loading and unloading times.

Ensuring continuous customer service in a hospital, a store or a call center isn't easy. Some of the constraints can include:

Each shift has for each specialism a minimal staff size.
Labor regulations: Minimal 11 hours rest between shifts, minimal 35 hours rest each week, ...
Shift preferences: Young nurses dislike Saturday night shifts, mothers dislike Wednesday afternoon shifts, ...
Drools Planner improves the quality of service, minimizes staff size and maximizes staff contentment.

When you create a timetable for lessons, courses, exams, meetings or even conference presentations, you 'll not only pick a time, but also a room. Some of the constraints can include:

Each room has a maximum seating capacity.
No student can have 2 exams at the same time.
No student likes 2 exams on the same day.
Large exams should be scheduled early.
Drools Planner creates a better timetable then a human planner, in less time, while considering more constraints (especially individual teacher or student preferences).

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