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Fhotoroom Windows UWP

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Fhotoroom is one of the most advanced non-destructive image editors that utilizes a completely unique way of editing photos. With a common and friendly user interface, fhotoroom's unique method of photo editing allows for larger previews and faster interactive editing making photo editing and experimenting a joy even with large photos.

Share your photos with one of the fast growing community of photography lovers, where every member joined because they wanted to be part of a great community rather than forced just to get access to the most powerful photo app.

- Full Exif and GPS Metadata support.
- Import or Replace Metadata
- Support for File Formats JPG, JXR, WDP, PNG, DNG, CR2, CRW, NEF.
- Editing tools like Curves, Crop, Resize, Rotate, Color Correction, Exposure Correction and more.
- Interactive Editing for the highest level of control and accuracy.
- HDR Filter
- Denoise and Grain Filter
- Lens Correction, Panorama Rotate, Tiny Planet, Curves, Drawing
- Masking Tool (Invert, Draw, Erase, Brush Softness and more)
- Undo, Redo, Before/After during Filter, Pinch to Zoom.
- Unlimited Undo with History List tool.
- Drag and Drop Support for Windows 10
- 11 File Associations
- Share to Fhotoroom from Folder or other App 11 File Formats
- Continuum Support

- Beautiful custom designed presets each with a history and story behind it rather than just random stylish names like in other apps.
- 25 Custom Design Adjustable Styles like, Tsar, Tsaritsa, Americano, Mack, Classic Pro, Velvia X, Herc, Rain, Tinge, Cape, Komo, Kapla, Haze, Adele, Hazelnut, LowDef, Ansel, Silver, Dose, Aura 1 and 2.
- Adjustable Frames and Light Leaks

- Follow, Like, Comment and Share Photos with our fast growing community of photographers.
- Join Community started fhoto challenges.
- Share and learn photo filter recipes.
- Share your photos to Facebook, VK, Flickr and Twitter

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x64 compatible software
OS: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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