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Fractal ViZion 3.056.021510

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updated: 2010-10-04

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Mystic Fractal
Fractal ViZion is a professional fractal application designed create true-color fractals and videos using built-in formulas, 3D fractal types and random rendering methods. Fractal ViZion was designed to make advanced fractal creation accessible to anyone who can use a television and vcr.


19 channels of fractal types:
· Julia1
· Julia 2
· Escher
· Bubbles and Stalks
· Quaternion 1
· Quaternion 2
· Cubic Mandelbrot 1
· Cubic Mandelbrot 2
· Cubic Julia
· Octonion 1
· Octonion 2
· Quat Trap
· Height Fields
· 3D Landscape (random displacement)
· 3D Lsystems
· 3D Orbital fractals
· Newton / Halley
· Hypercomplex
· IFS slide show

· 208 Built in Formulas + FraSZle Formula set
· 8 Mandelbulb 3D formulas (trig and non-trig sine and cosine versions)
· Detailed Parser information for creating your own custom formulas
· Palette-based coloring methods
· Perlin noise generator for realistic textures
· Adjustable lighting model with Phong highlights
· Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating between key frames
· Separate user-defined folders for file types like palettes, lsystems and drawings
· Html Context help for menu commands and dialog windows

User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)

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OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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