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Ingatan 1.5.3

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updated: 2012-05-30

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Tom Everin
Ingatan is a program for easily creating and doing quizzes. Ingatan will help you cater for the largest possible range of applications including learning languages, labelling anatomical diagrams, and practising organic chemistry mechanisms. Instead of choosing a question type from a pre-defined set, you create questions in Ingatan by embedding any mix of pluggable answer fields into a rich text area, and surrounding them with the appropriate text, images and audio.

You can write your own answer fields to suit your particular needs. For vocabulary training and other flashcard style requirements, a table-question is also supplied which does not use answer fields.

When asking questions, a bias is placed toward those with a low historical grade. An inline symbol menu makes it easy to insert non-keyboard characters. Questions are intelligently organised into libraries, and libraries into groups, and can easily be shared.

The name Ingatan was chosen as it is Indonesian for memory, and this program was originally created for an Indonesian studies student.


Great for vocabulary training:
· Special character input: Innovative special character entry into all text areas
· Automatic generation of vocabulary style quizzes from a table of words (multiple choice and/or written). Multiple choice questions are great to start off with because you probably don't know all of the words well enough to type them straight away.

Asks the right questions:
· Questions with a low historical grade are asked more frequently than questions that are always answered correctly. The algorithm is intelligent and does not ignore any questions.
· You choose which of the libraries you have created to include in a given quiz.
· You can view an easy-to-interpret record of all quizzes that you have ever done (and delete the records that you might rather forget).
· For flashcard/vocabulary style questions, you can tell Ingatan to ask in the opposite direction (e.g. Spanish -> English or English -> Spanish).

Intelligent organisation of questions:
· Questions are contained by libraries, and libraries are organised into groups. For example, a group called "French" containing the libraries "general verbs", "kitchen nouns", etc. Or a group called "Human Anatomy" containing the libraries "brain", "kidneys", etc.
· On the hard disk, each library exists as a single zip file containing all required images and files. This means that libraries are easily exported and shared!

Easy content generation:
· Creating questions and content in Ingatan is fast and simple. The editor is reminiscent of a word processor, allowing you to simply type in questions and embed the appropriate answer field directly in with your text (whether it be plain text, multiple choice, true or false, etc.)
· Each question exists within its own container in the list of questions. Question containers can be minimised and moved around. A special container consisting of a data table exists for flash-card style questions.
· All data entry is saved automatically.

Easy image acquisition/generation:
· The built in image acquisition window makes inserting images from a large variety of sources really easy.
· The built in image editor allows any image to be quickly and easily edited before use, or for a new image to be created from scratch. Internet image URLs can be pasted into the image editor.
· Math formulae renderer
· Chemical structure sketcher

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