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ITScriptNet 3.2

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Z-Space Technologies, Inc.
ITScriptNet Indago has been redeveloped from the ground up taking advantage of newer technologies and concepts to provide modern looking applications with improved communications and data processing. And support for Android devices! We use it every day to write simple and highly complex programs that collect data on Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded, Android and on Windows PCs. ITScriptNet Indago is available to you to develop your own applications more efficiently and cost effectively than in native code. We are also happy to develop applications for you using ITScriptNet Indago.

Key Features:

Develop modern looking programs to capture data efficiently
Output data in many different formats – delimited and fixed-width text files, directly to ODBC or OLEDB data sources, or direct SQL Server connection
Transfer data via cradle, WiFi or Wireless Wide Area Network (cell)
Have complete control over every aspect of the program via a multitude of configurable properties and more than 300 functions you can use in scripts
Check the accuracy of input directly against a data source or with files loaded to the mobile device
The same program can accommodate many different screen sizes and many different devices

The ITScriptNet Indago Program Designer helps you quickly design your data collection programs. Design the layout of each screen visually by dragging and dropping elements onto the designer, then use the properties screens to control the fonts, colors, and visual styles you want. If your program requires for complex processing, use our complete script language to add whatever capabilities you need. The script editor support syntax coloring, auto-complete, and all of the other programming features you would expect. ITScriptNet Indago also includes a powerful Simulator and Debugger that helps you troubleshoot your programs right on your desktop.

You can connect to your back end data sources using OLEDB, ODBC, or direct SQL Server connections. Use the powerful Query Designer to construct your data definitions graphically or by writing SQL directly. Data can be loaded to the Mobile Device so you can perform lookups even while disconnected from the network.

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OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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