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Marmalade SDK 7.9.0

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Ideaworks3D Limited
Creating and delivering successful apps is becoming increasingly challenging. You need your app to stand out from the crowd, by delivering a more engaging experience with richer content. You need your app to reach the widest possible audience, running on iOS, Android, and beyond.

What if you could develop more powerful apps, and deliver them simultaneously across all platforms and devices? Now you can, with the Marmalade SDK.

Richer APIs
Offers the richest API set of any cross-platform apps SDK, including:
· Camera, microphone, GPS, accelerometer, compass and contacts
· HTTP, sockets, Facebook and database access
· Compressed audio/video and sound mixing
· Highly advanced UI, 2D and 3D graphics support

Power and portability
Marmalade is the world’s most powerful SDK for the creation of richer apps and games on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and other platforms. Marmalade’s unique architecture abstracts platform variations while providing direct access to the CPU and GPU - so you get maximum performance, flexibility and portability across most smartphones and tablets. No virtual machines, no code conversion – no compromise.

Extendable to native OS APIs
The only SDK that allows developers to maintain a single codebase, while allowing full use of native platform APIs on iOS and Android through the Marmalade Extensions Development Kit (EDK). Always cross-platform, but never lowest-common-denominator.

Open and standards-based
Developers can write in plain C++, with the C/C++ standard libraries and OpenGL ES fully supported. Open Source modules usually compile out-of-the-box and the Marmalade Code Community is continually adding to the suite of modules available for Marmalade apps.

Enjoy a single development environment
Develop either in Visual C++ on Windows, or Xcode on Mac and never use any OS platform SDKs again. Deploying to any target device does not require different desktop machines, development environments or platform SDKs.

Join the growing Marmalade community
Over 30,000 developers have already chosen Marmalade to take their apps further. Make sure your apps are made with Marmalade.

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