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Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, Desktop and mobile applications when online or offline.

Silverlight delivers the richest set of capabilities available to developers today through a Web?browser plug?in. Silverlight 5 makes further advances in media, 3d visualization and application development and user experience, adding over 40 new features. The Silverlight 5 Release provides developers their first opportunity to start exploring these new capabilities.

What's New in Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 includes several new features that are based on customer suggestions. This topic introduces some of the new features and improvements in Silverlight 5.

This topic contains the following sections.

* Controls
* Media
* Graphics
* Text
* Trusted Applications
* Printing
* User Interface
* Data
* Performance Improvements
* Related Topics


The PivotViewer control enables you to display a large amount of data at once in a way that is easily consumable by the user. Users can browse the data in such a way that helps them see the trends and quickly find information they need. For more information see, PivotViewer.

DrawingSurface is a new control in Silverlight 5. DrawingSurface defines an area where 3-D content can be composed and rendered. You implement the rendering behavior through the event data of the Draw event. For more information, see 3-D Graphics Overview and Walkthrough: Creating and Animating a 3-D Textured Cube in Silverlight.

ItemsControl Text Search
A user can now search a list of items in an ListBox or ComboBox using keyboard input. You can specify the property that identifies an item for search purposes by setting the TextPath attached property. The list will scroll to the first item that matches.

Dialog Changes
OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog have new capabilities. You can use the InitialDirectory property to specify the initial directory when you open the OpenFileDialog. You can use the DefaultFileName property to specify a default file name when you open the SaveFileDialog.


Sound Effects
Silverlight 5 includes new classes for sound effects. You can use the classes in the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio namespace to create and manage sound effects in your applications. Use the SoundEffect class to trigger low-latency sound.
Variable Playback Rate

Silverlight 5 includes the ability to check and change the playback rate of media. MediaElement now includes a PlaybackRate property and a RateChanged event.

Application-Restricted Media
Application-restricted media is a new feature in Silverlight 5 that enables content providers to ensure their content under digital rights management (DRM) is consumed only by Silverlight applications they authorize. This is ensured by requiring Silverlight client applications accessing restricted media to be signed with an Authenticode x.509 certificate. For more information about signing applications, see Application Signing. For more information about DRM, see Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Key Rotation
Silverlight 5 includes support for Live TV scenarios that have policies and licenses. A Silverlight 5 client manages the enforcement of changing policies for the developer. No special client application code is required. For more information, see Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Remote Control Support
Enables users to control media playback. For more information, see MediaCommand.


Graphics Stack
The graphics stack has been re-architected to add features such as independent animations.

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