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Mpxplay Multimedia Commander 3.05

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license: Freeware
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size: 8.60 MB
updated: 2019-02-03

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Mpxplay-MMC is a GUI version of Mpxplay for Windows 7 with FFmpeg and DirectShow audio/video playing, developed in Qt5.

Main functions of MMC:
- playing of several audio and video formats, the complete list can be found in FFmpeg general document
- handling of DTV/DVB devices (digital TV tuner)
- picture viewing
- picture/video zoom, rotate and color corrections in real time
- translucent / transparent windows
- main window over video surface
- transparent video playing over desktop
- audio visualization
- commander-like desktop with two panels and multiply tabs
- playlist load and save, drive and directory scan, direct playing from directories
- playlist editing functions (sort, tag-filter, list/dir compare)
- commander functions (file copy,move,del)
- stream (homepage recording
- tag (metadata) editing of ASF,FLAC,MP4,OGG files and ID3v1,ID3v2,APETag (AAC,AC3,APE,MP2,MP3,MPC)
- fast forward and rewind (seeking), across the song boundaries too
- cross-fade songs in real time
- auto volume correction; dynamic limiter; surround, speed (freq) control, tone control
- multichannel audio playing (channel matrix conversion)
- HTTP client: file and stream (internet radio: AAC,MP3,OGG) playing from WEB servers
- FTP client: direct playing from ftp-servers without downloading the file

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OS: Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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