Opera 10 10.63 3516

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updated: 2010-10-12

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Opera Software
The Opera 10 Web browser showcases a sleek design coupled with our new Opera Turbo technology, which keeps Web pages loading quickly even if your connection slows down. Download Opera 10, it is completely free.

The Opera Web browser offers several new features for functionality, security, usability, customization, searching, saving, taking shortcuts and accessing Web content.

* Boost slow connection speeds with Opera Turbo.
* Preview Web sites in thumbnails with visual tabs.
* Enjoy browsing with the beautiful, new design.
* It is free!

New feature:

Opera Unite Home
Your personal Opera Unite Web page shows the Opera Unite applications you wish to share with family, friends, or the world.
File Sharing
The File Sharing application enables a simple and safe way to share files directly from your computer.
The Fridge application enables people to leave notes on your computer.
Media Player
The Media Player application enables access to your complete home music library from wherever you are.
A personal and private chat connection between you and another Opera Unite user who is listed as your friend on myopera.com.
Photo Sharing
The Photo Sharing application enables you to share your personal photos with friends around the world without the need to upload them.
Web Server
The Web Server application enables you to host your Web sites from your own computer.


Innovative compression technology
The real world does not have fast Internet everywhere. Switch on Opera Turbo and use our powerful servers to compress Web pages, so you get them faster. It is perfect for that crowded Wi-Fi or when connecting through your mobile phone.

Faster and future-proofed
The new Opera Presto 2.2 engine is up to 40% faster on resource-intensive pages, such as Gmail and Facebook. In addition, with an Acid3 100/100 score, Web Fonts, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements, Opera 10 is ready for next-generation Web applications.

Design and craftsmanship
We created Opera 10 to use system resources intelligently and to give you the best possible performance on your computer. With an elegant under-the-hood architecture and a beautiful, new skin, Opera 10 feels, looks and runs better than ever.

And so much more:

Opera Link
Synchronize your Speed Dial, bookmarks, notes and other useful data with Opera Link.

Mouse gestures

Perform movements with your mouse to navigate the Web with Opera's Mouse Gestures.

E-mail and feed integration
Use the inbuilt Web mail and online Feed readers as your default clients.

Reopen closed tabs
If you accidentally close a tab, you can retrieve it from the Closed Tabs button.

Password Manager
Store usernames and passwords, so they will be at your fingertips.

Save your open tabs, or start with the pages you had open when Opera was last closed.

Inline spell checker

Spell-check quickly as you type, with support for 48 languages.

Opera Dragonfly
Debug in a cross-device, cross-platform environment with Opera Dragonfly.

Opera Mail
Access, organize and search all of your e-mail with the fastest mail client available.

Quick Find
Search the full text from any Web site you visit, right from your address bar.

Personalize Opera
Choose from hundreds of skins, add or remove buttons, toolbars, or change the entire layout.

Feed Preview
Preview a Feed in a clean, multiple-column layout before subscribing to it.

User Rating: 3.8 (297 votes)

x64 compatible software
OS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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Opera 10 Reviews

Software: Opera 10 10.63 3516
Reviewed by: Ricaldo Rodriguez Nazario (Apr 16, 2012)
Review: Excellent browser very good to download excellent for all my needs
Software: Opera 10 10.63 3516
Reviewed by: dq (Jul 22, 2011)
Review: there is no reason for not having x64 software. opera shouldnt limit me to using 2GB of RAM. compile a x64 version and lets move forward. let plugin developers do the same. using IE9 64bit, 64bit flash and java. Now this is speed!
Software: Opera 10 11.11 2109
Reviewed by: John Schafer, PhD (Jun 8, 2011)
Review: This download states 64bit compatible. The reason, this software is 32bit as Opera has not yet released a 64bit version. Note, at this time there really is no reason to have a 64bit version as web browsers do not need more than 2 gb of memory as of date. As we move forward, expect to see a true 64bit Opera. As for now, enjoy Opera 32bit, the best browser on Earth and beyond.
Software: Opera 10 10.63 3516
Reviewed by: chuma (Apr 26, 2011)
Review: There is no x64 version for opera. Period. Even creators of opera say: "use 32-bit version" :)
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