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Portable SecureCRT 8.1.4 B1443

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updated: 2017-08-24

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SecureCRT is a GUI-based SSH / Telnet client and a terminal emulator that features support for a wide array of protocols such as SSH, TAPI, serial and rlogin. Its list of capabilities includes secure transfers, highly configurable sessions and SSH encryption, to name the most important ones.

SecureCRT features the most accessible user interface that we’ve seen in a terminal emulator, allowing you to create and customize up to five thousand tabbed sessions. In addition, the application facilitates encrypted logons and provides flexible authentication options. File transfers can be achieved via the integration with SecureFX. The sessions can be shared between these two applications, thus enabling the possibility to run FTP, SFTP and SCP transfers without the need to re-enter passwords.

SecureCRT 8.0 improves productivity with an updated UI and enhanced smart card (PIV/CAC) support. On Windows, tab groups allow you to compare the output of two sessions, group related sessions, and switch easily between them. On all platforms, you can apply colors to button bar icons for easy-to-see visual cues. TN3270 emulation support expands the range of systems you can use with SecureCRT. Other improvements include Command window "Send characters immediately" mode, host key fall back, and new TFTP server connection options.

Whether you are looking for a Telnet replacement with solid security and session management or a more refined and capable remote access tool to help raise your productivity to the nth degree, SecureCRT is an application you can live in all day long.

Key Benefits

Tab groups (Windows only)

Get more done in less time by grouping related sessions and
using tab groups to compare the output of two sessions.
Organize sessions in tabs so that you can switch easily
between them, or work in one tab while monitoring the output
from a command in another tab and then go back to a single
tab group when the command has finished.

UI enhancements (Windows only)

Choose from a variety of new light or dark themes. SecureCRT
looks even better on Windows with new toolbar icons and
support for high-DPI monitors.

Button bar enhancements

Assign colors to button icons so that they are easier to see
and organize and position the button bar at the top or bottom
of the SecureCRT window. On Windows, buttons can be arranged
by dragging and dropping using the ALT key.

TN3270 emulation

SecureCRT's support for a wide range of emulations, now
including TN3270, makes it easier for you to standardize on
one terminal application.

Enhanced smart card support (Windows only)

Select a specific certificate on the smart card (PIV/CAC) to
be used for public-key authentication. CAPI and PKCS #11
certificates are supported.

Encryption improvements

ECDSA (RFC 5656) and Ed25519 keys can now be generated and
used. PuTTY PPK files can be used for public-key
authentication. If host key authentication with the ssh-dss
algorithm fails, the connection automatically falls back to
the ssh-rsa algorithm. On Windows, X.509v3 keys can be added
to the SSH agent and public keys can be exported in OpenSSH
format and from PKCS #11.

TFTP server enhancements

The TFTP server can be started when SecureCRT starts, when
any session connects, or manually.

Command window enhancement

"Send characters immediately" mode allows you to send control
characters and escape sequences so you can be even more
productive when sending commands to all sessions from the
Command window. You can edit files using vi or nano, stop
running commands using CTRL+C, and do tab completion.

User Rating: 3.7 (6 votes)

x64 compatible software
OS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Linux, Mac OS X

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