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Protection! Licensing Framework Developer x64 4.6.2

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jProductivity, L.L.C.
Protection! x64 - a licensing framework that can be embedded into custom Java applications or components only allowing the permitted use according to the supplied license. Protection! Licensing Framework x64 for Java, delivers powerful and feature-rich licensing solution. Protection! x64 provides a robust feature set enabling developer to securely distribute applications to the end-user.

Protection! Licensing Framework Standard x64 is a licensing solution that quick and easy embedding into custom application.

Protection! x64 offers a comprehensive set of features and functions giving developers full control over licensing solution including, but not limiting to, the following:
· Quick and easy embedding into custom application
· Ability to get full control of license reading and validation.
· Ability to specify a set of application features permitted for use according to the license.
· Ability to control number of simultaneously running copies of the application with the same license.
· Trial versions support with ability to specify evaluation period for each product
· Ability to embed license into the application to allow CD distribution of trial versions.
· Ability to discover patched application parts.
· Powerful Control Center application to allow easy maintenance of products and licenses.
· Strong license file encryption
· Ability to have unique public/private key for each application
· Ability to specify custom message dialogs
· Ability to create unlimited number of products and unlimited number of feature sets for each product
· Ability to generate licenses for various product’s feature sets
· Ability to specify custom code snippets and save them as ready to use java implementation files

Protection! Licensing Framework x64 for Java solves complex licensing challenges. Developers using Protection!, are able to build and distribute their application with the peace of mind that the unauthorized use of their applications is minimized thereby translating to the recovery of potentially lost revenues.

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OS: Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64

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