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RomCenter Portable 4.0.0 Beta 11

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license: Freeware
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updated: 2017-06-13

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RomCenter Portable is a useful application for the users that own a lot of games on ROM files and need to organize them. You can create a data base by loading the ROM list from a DAT file or directly from the emulator.

The program allows you to filter the database in order to easily find a certain game and play it.

Romcenter (RC) is a rom manager, a program with which you can manage collections of games supported by an emulator. Its purpose is to give you the ability to:
View all games supported by an emulator plus all the games you have in your collection for it
Fix missing or bad-named games and roms in your collection (this will be analyzed later on) so they can be playable by the emulator.

In emulation area, a “game” is a compressed file (usually in zip format) which contains the data extracted from the roms (computer chips) of the original game hardware. Each file contained in a compressed game is actually the extracted data from a specific rom-chip, that's why such a file is called a “rom”. For some emulators, games may actually contain floppy-disk or CD images and not roms.
Companies that have created the games supported by an emulator may use some common roms in all of their games. This type of roms is called a “bios”. Some games were originally created by a company but there may exist very similar games created either by the same company or by another one. Usually these are slightly modified versions of the original game that were customized for specific countries or may contain some minor differences. Those games are called “clones” and the original game is called “main”. There is always one main game but there may be many clones of it. Usually, many of the roms contained in clone games are also contained in the main game and only a few roms are different in the clone.

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OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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