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Transposer 3.0

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Transposer is a lightweight and useful text chords editor designed for amateurs and musicians as well. It can process texts of musical compositions with chords. It allows to carry out set of operations with such texts, simplify and facilitate you work with these ones.

Dynamic highlighting of chords and comments:
· Transposer determines chords, comments, reserved words, and show this on the screen by the given fonts and colors. All changes applied to the text are dynamically recognized by the syntactic analyzer, and then are displayed on the screen.

· A program user can carry out any transpositions of chords in a song, as for selected block, and at once for whole composition too. The program stores an original key signature of songs, so you can return to it at any moment.

Work with usual (flat) format of texts:
· Loading, processing and saving of texts with chords in usual (flat) textual format: any superfluous additions, which could prevent to load these texts to other text editors, are not used!

Parameters of compositions:
· The program allows to store parameters for each composition, such as: a title, singer`s name (or group`s name), Style of a composition, Tempo, conducting Voice, adjustment of a Transposition.

Adjustment for the instrument:
· The user can make own lists of melody styles, voices, which his (her) synthesizer have. Send us adjustments for your keyboards! Then they will be included in future version of the program.

Customizable graphic interface:
· Fonts and colors in the program can be changed on taste of the user, the program have many settings that change its behavior.

The Color Themes:
· The program contains some available sets of fonts and colors, which can be applied to your texts. These Colors Themes are automatically applied to your Internet pages too, which you will form based on these texts.

Comments and reserved words:
· An application of comments considerably improves a perception of song texts. The list of reserved words (such as "REFRAIN", "2 TIMES", "BRIDGE") is complemented by the user as required.

The Chords Finder:
· Since version 1.4.1 the Chords Finder is built-in to Transposer. It allows to enter chords as by typing on the keyboard, and by marking notes forming a chord on the piano keyboard. The entered chord can be heard immediately.

Work with Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords program:
· Transposer can work in conjunction with Karaoke-to-Text-with-Chords program. A text and chords determined in this program, you can transfer to Transposer by pressing of one button!

Alternative writings of chords:
· Transposer can determine various ways of writing of the same chord. For example, the Caug chord can be written as: C+5, C(#5), C+, C5+, Caugm5, Caugmented, Caugm.

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OS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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