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Software: Windows 8 x64 RTM Build 92
Reviewed by: chris 2 (Jan 24, 2014)
Review: very very fast. i removed most metro apps via command shell. and installed the free classic shell. yes i do use the start menu! i dont know why they took aero away. everyone nowadays has a powerful enough pc to display it. so the gui now looks a bit like a flashy windows 3.1....otherwise now its a mutated 7. the task manager is cool. its lean and mean. but i actually think windows vista had the nicest gui. im not such a fan of the minimalist approach. esp when you are staring at the screen hours per day. way too $$$. and does a few weird things with my fans on the cpu. meaning even viewing a youtube video. it revs my fans. never did that in 7.
Software: Windows 8 x64 RTM Build 92
Reviewed by: Piddu (Mar 31, 2013)
Review: Good kernel, awful the rest: Metro GUi is usable as Windows 2.0, Store is plainly trying to kill software distributors, desktop and Office 2013 are less good than previosly, and Metro apps are so d*mb noone would really love to use them, Skype first!
Software: Windows 8 x64 win 8
Reviewed by: Maheswar jana (Jun 3, 2012)
Review: ok,after used it then i told that it is excellent nor good

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