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Family Health Record

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updated: 2013-05-30

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Mannasoft Technology Corp.
Clarus FHR - Personal and Family Health Record is an app that you can use to record, track and manage your family health information. Clarus FHR helps you get organized as you are able to track your vital signs, medications, and immunization as well as appointments and visits to doctors. FHR can give valuable insight to health condition helping you achieve you and your family health goals. Personal or Family Health Medical Record .


Personal or Family Health Recording - Manage Electronic Medical Records for the whole family.
Appointments Tracking - Manage Appointments with Doctors and other medical providers.
Current Conditions - Track cronic illnesses and/or other medical conditions.
Medical History - History of past illnesses and treatment Plan.
Medications History – Medicine name and dosage, reason of taking medication, and prescribing physician.
Allergies History – Lists existing and past allergies, tracks occurrences.
Diagnostics History – Record visits to Physician, as well as Diagnosis results and Treatment Plan.
Immunization History – Records and track immunizations.
Procedures History – Keeps records of medical procedures.
Vital Signs - BMI/Height/Weight, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse and Respiratory Rate, Uric Acid, Blood Sugar, Platelet Count.
Graph - Visualization of Vital Signs records.
Normal Values - List of Vital Signs Normal Values.
Health Meter - List of latest vital signs records.

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OS: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8 ARM

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