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Quark Xpress 2019 15.0

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license: Trialware ($829.00)
downloads: 934
size: 539.00 MB
updated: 2019-07-09

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x64 native software

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This free update further optimizes the stability and quality of QuarkXPress 8. The Windows version of this release also adds ‘Edit Original’ functionality.

Print Design & Publishing
Join millions of designers — both professional and casual — who have called on QuarkXPress® for more than 25 years to achieve their print design and publishing goals.

Digital Design & Publishing
Use your print design skills and one tool to create Web, interactive, and digital publications.

App Studio for QuarkXPress

Design and Publish to Your Own Custom iPad Apps for the Ultimate Mobile Experience

Create a custom iPad app with Quark’s online service, then design and publish beautiful interactive issues for it using QuarkXPress— without requiring the services of a programmer.

Only QuarkXPress lets designers use a dedicated workspace with familiar tools to convert existing layouts to rich, interactive content — or create new iPad content from scratch — and then sell that content through the Apple® App Store*.

App Studio for QuarkXPress — which enables publishing to the iPad — will be available as a free update to QuarkXPress 9 users within 90 days after QuarkXPress 9 ships.


With QuarkXPress, you can communicate in all the ways you need to — and always look professional— in print and digital media, all in a single tool.

Easy to Use
QuarkXPress is a powerful and full-featured tool that makes it easy to develop your ideas into gorgeous layouts.

Powerful Design Tools
QuarkXPress provides an arsenal of design tools that let you turn even the most elaborate visions into reality.

Precision Typography
Typography is an art form, and QuarkXPress provides the tools you need to create powerful works of typographical art. If you’re a perfectionist, QuarkXPress provides all of the tools you need to reach perfection. If you’re not, QuarkXPress provides presets and default behaviours that make your work look professional even when you’re not paying attention to the details.

Digital Publishing: Web, SWF (Flash®), e-books, and more
QuarkXPress provides a toolset that lets you design and publish for a variety of output formats — including the Web, smartphones, e-readers, and tablets — without having to learn a different skill set for each, learn to write code or program, or purchase additional software applications.

Layout Automation
QuarkXPress not only provides you with world-class layout tools — it provides you with automation tools that allow you to create top-end design quickly and efficiently.

Integration with other Applications
No application is an island. That’s why QuarkXPress was designed from the beginning to work with files in a wide variety of formats.

Reliable Print Output
The most gorgeous print layout in the world is no good if you can’t print it. With over two decades of experience as the premiere tool for creating high-quality printed output, QuarkXPress has the tools you need to make sure that your layouts look the way you design them, both on the screen and on the press, without time-consuming troubleshooting and tweaking.

Do you need to keep style and colour definitions consistent within a workgroup? Would you like to be able to have more than one person working on a layout at the same time — even if they’re in different locations? Would you like to be able to import an Excel spreadsheet, then automatically update the layout when the spreadsheet changes? QuarkXPress helps you to make sure that when you work with others, you’re really working together.

Quark XpressEditorsWindows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64, Mac OS X

User Rating: 2.8 (16 votes)

x64 native software
OS: Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64, Mac OS X
Requirements: Mac: Sierra (macOS 10.12), High Sierra (macOS 10.13) and Mojave (macOS 10.14) Windows: 8.1 and 10 (64 bit only, with latest updates)

Quark Xpress screenshot

Quark Xpress Reviews

Software: Quark Xpress 4.1
Reviewed by: W. Michel (Mar 27, 2012)
Review: Sorry to rain on your parade but I copied my QXP 4 install directory from 98 to XP as a portable because computers XP and up had no floppy drives. It worked fine after I pulled a shortcut from wherever I dropped the directory. I did the same on my new Vista even though Vista was was crippleware. I just got an XPS with 8 gig, terrabytes of storage and a video card with a gig of DDR5. Again I copied in the Quark directory and it worked fine except Windows 7 buggered Associations that worked in XP AND Vista. I suspect it will work on Windows 8 until it proves otherwise. Please don't tell Microsoft. The original was probably produced with the Motorola 68000 processor in mind. Remember, Intel giveth and Microsoft taketh away.

My QXP 4 is running fine on this Windows 7, 64 bit Home Premium. It might even work on Premium and Ultimate.
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