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Wheatworks Software, LLC
Home buyers, if real estate and mortgage math stress you, Real Estate Calculator Suite is the help you need! In addition to 16 real estate calculators, Real Estate Calculator Suite includes sample text for closing credit accounts, a Documentation List to help you gather your paperwork, a Movers To Do List, a Home Inspection form to help you review potential homes, a Fraction/Decimal Conversion Chart and useful tips for home buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Calculator Suite includes 2 Quick Calculators, a popup calculator, 2 Downpayment Savings Calculators, a Mortgage Qualifier, Loan Amortizer with Monthly and Annual schedules, Loan Spread Calculator, a Biweekly Payment Calculator, a Refinancing Calculator, an Estimated Closing Cost Calculator, Home Seller's Proceeds Calculator, Rent or Buy Calculator, and Prepayment Calculator. Based on Wheatworks' experience developing financial calculators for corporate real estate clients, Real Estate Calculator Suite is designed for real estate consumers and professionals. This software will help you calculate financial scenarios.

· Real Estate Calculator Suite can help you determine how much house you can afford. (Mortgage Qualifier)
· It can show you the impact different mortgage interest rates will have on your home loan. (Loan Spread Calculator)
· Real Estate Calculators Suite helps you decide what mortgage term (length of loan) is best for your budget. (Loan Spread Calculator)
· It helps you determine how much house you can afford based on what you currently pay in rent. (Rent or Buy Calculator)
· Show you how much to add to your monthly mortgage payment in order to pay off your mortgage by a chosen date. (Loan Amortizations and Prepayment Calculator)
· Real Estate Calculator Suite shows you how long it will take you to save enough for your downpayment. (Downpayment Savings Calculator)
· And it shows you how much you may be able to save toward your downpayment over a certain period of time. (Downpayment Savings Calculator)
· Calculate your biweekly payment. (Biweekly Payment Calculator)
· Show you how much money and time you can save by making biweekly payments. (Biweekly Payment Calculator)
· Real Estate Calculator Suite does "Time Value of Money" calculations. For example, if you know any three of these (loan amount, term, interest rate, monthly payment) you can calculate the one you don't know. (Quick Calculators, Loan Spread Calculator)
· Amortize a loan and generate an amortization schedule. (Loan Amortizations)
· Show you the effects of regular mortgage loan prepayments. (Prepayment Calculator)
· Calculate your monthly payment of principal and interest (PI). (Quick Calculators)
· Calculate your monthly payment of principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI). (Quick Calculators)
· Discover how much you may qualify to borrow from your mortgage lender. (Mortgage Qualifier, Estimated Closing Costs)
· Help you determine your closing costs. (Estimated Closing Costs)
· Help you calculate the total due at closing. (Estimated Closing Costs)
· Calculate your housing ratio and debt ratio. (Estimated Closing Costs)
· Help you determine whether refinancing would be a wise decision. (Refinancing Calculator)
· Show you how much time you can save by refinancing and continuing to make your current home loan payment. (Refinancing Calculator)
· Show you how much money refinancing can save you. (Refinancing Calculator)
· Help you determine your proceeds from selling your home. (Homesellers Proceeds Calculator)
· Convert fractional interest rates to decimal. (Decimal/Fraction Conversion Chart)
· Show how prepayments will shorten the term of your mortgage loan. (Prepayment Calculator, Loan Amortizations)
· Print a checklist of documentation to gather before you apply for a mortgage loan. (Documentation Checklist)
· Print a Home Inspection Form to help guide you as you look for a new home. (Home Inspection Form)
· Print a 4 page "To Do List For Movers" to help you prepare for your move. (Movers'

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x64 compatible software
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