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license: Freeware
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updated: 2013-01-14

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FotoEditor for Windows 8 helps you make your photos Unique and Cool with about 40 astonishing filters and effects. Easy and ready to use filters perfect for all.

It is a photo editor with an elegant user friendly interface. It is highly efficient and improves your photos instantly. With FotoEditor, take photos from within the application and edit them before saving.

Create unlimited dynamic options by mixing various effects. Now take professional photos using your own FotoEditor app and share with family and friends.

FotoEditor includes Filters & Effects divided into SIX (6) PROFESSIONAL CATEGORIES:

? Adjustments
Filters with slider controls such as Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, RGB, Tint Blue, Tint Green and Tint Red.

? Artistic
It includes Classic, Color Pencil, Gray Scale, Oil Paint, Sepia and Posterize filters.

? Distort
It includes Cylinder, Punch, Pinch, Tile and Twirl filters.

? Morphology
It includes Erode, Equalize, Dilate, Jitter, Normalize, Saturation, Sharp and Soften filters.

? Stylize
It includes Emboss, Negative, Night Vision, Solarize and Tritone filters.

? Crop
It includes crop proportions or preset ratios and also allows free size cropping.

? Operations
It includes Mirror H, Mirror V, Rotate 180, Rotate Left and Rotate Right filters.


? Filters - 40 Unique Filters and Effects
? WebCam - Edit newly captured photo from WebCam
? FilePicker - Edit photos selected from FilePicker
? Undo - Multiple Undo option
? Redo - Multiple Redo option
? Reset - Reset button to revert to original photo anytime
? Save As - Save photos in Picture Library and upload on Facebook
? Share Source – Share edited photos with other Apps or Email using the Share Charm
? Share Target – Share photos form other Apps into FotoEditor for editing
? Crop – Crop using proportions or free size cropping

FotoEditorPhotoWindows 8, Windows 8 x64

User Rating: 2.5 (2 votes)

x64 compatible software
OS: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64

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