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Windows 8 x64 Windows 8 x64
Windows 8 x64 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise
iTop Easy Desktop iTop Easy Desktop
iTop Easy Desktop is a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop manager.
Google Chrome x64 bit Google Chrome x64 bit
Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightning speed
Microsoft Office 2013 x64 screenshot Microsoft Office 2013 x64
Powerful new tools to express your ideas and connect with people

Latest 64-bit native software

magayo Lotto (64-bit)
magayo Lotto (64-bit)   
Powerful yet easy-to-use lottery software for Lotto, Powerball and Toto

Prevent Restore
Prevent Restore 102.00   
Prevents recovery of deleted data

ArmorTools Home x64
ArmorTools Home x64 24.7.1   
ArmorTools keeps sensitive information secure.
Shareware | $24.99

Secret Disk
Secret Disk 301.00   
Creates password-protected secret disk
tags: Secret Disk

Aiseesoft Filmai
Aiseesoft Filmai 1.0.8   
Upscale video and improve video quality using AI.
Shareware | $19.50

Wipe 2407.00   
Deletes history and cache
tags: Wipe

XtraTools Professional x64
XtraTools Professional x64 24.7.1   
XtraTools increases productivity and makes working with MS Windows easier.
Shareware | $29.99

PilotEdit Pro x64

PilotEdit Pro x64 18.9.0   
PilotEdit is a powerful file editor capable of opening files larger than 400GB.
Shareware | $10.00

jScripter. 1.03.1582   
Powerful javascript-driven application for easy website testing/scraping.

Latest 64-bit downloads RSS Latest 64-bit software

Aml Pages
Aml Pages 10.00b2961   
Aml Pages keeps all your notes, information, web pages, passwords, and etc
Shareware | $29.00

Database Conjugation Verb
Database Conjugation Verb 3.1   
Conjugation English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian...
Data Only

Aml Maple
Aml Maple 7.35   
Aml Maple is a modern indicator of the active keyboard layout (current language)
Shareware | $29.00

Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus 24.7.6124   
Avast Free Antivirus: Robust protection with real-time threat detection.
Adware | $35.09

Adblock for Chrome
Adblock for Chrome 6.6.0   
AdBlock for Chrome: Block ads, improve browsing speed, and enhance privacy.
Open Source | $2.00

QuillBot for Chrome screenshot
QuillBot for Chrome 3.58.4   
AI-powered writing assistant for Chrome, enhancing clarity and creativity.
Demo | $9.95

Slite 1.2.22   
Collaborative note-taking tool designed for teams to streamline documentation.
Shareware | $10.00

LeafView 3.1.4   
LeafView: A lightweight image viewer with smooth performance and simple UI.
Open Source

Jaxon 1.0.0   
Jaxon: A powerful, flexible JSON parser for efficient data handling.
Open Source

Opera GX
Opera GX 111.0.5168.99   
Opera GX: The ultimate gaming browser with CPU, RAM, and network limiters.

SilentNotes: Secure, offline note-taking app with encryption and cross-device sync.

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