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MainStage 2 101 - Core MainStage 2

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updated: 2013-01-29

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MainStage 2 is the live performance tool that ships with Logic Studio. If you're a musician, and particularly a keyboardist, MainStage 2 will become your new secret weapon …

WIth the release of MainStage 2, Apple has blessed all giggling musicians with a new and improved arrow for their live performance quiver. Using MainStage 2, you can now perform with any instrument available in Logic, in any musical style you want … there's no limit to your creativity when you use MainStage 2.

But all that amazing performance power comes with a price - you have to learn MainStage before you can use it. Thankfully, Star NonLinearEducating.com Trainer Bill Burgess has provided us with this comprehensive MainStage 2 tutorial.

In over 5 hours of Tutorial-Videos, you'll get a comprehensive education on all key features of MainStage 2, including how the interface works, how to create your own layouts and templates, creating your own songs to play along with, adding DSP effects to our performance, and more.

Use these tutorials to learn MainStage quickly, and spend your time using MainStage to make music!

Table of Contents:

01. What’s New In MainStage 2.0
02. Concert Templates
03. The MainStage Interface
04. Four Types of Channel Strips
05. Setting Up General & Display Preferences
06. Audio Preferences
07. MIDI Preferences
08. Using More than One MIDI Device
09. Setting Up a Guitar Input Channel
10. Assign Set & Patch Changes to a MIDI Controller
11. Tuner & Mute Controls
12. Guitar Pedal By-Pass Switches
13. Knobs, Sliders & Pedals
14. Refining Mapped Parameters in Edit Mode
15. Navigate the Patch List
16. Creating & Naming New Patches
17. Merging Patches Together
18. Saving, Importing & Exporting Patches
19. Loading Patches from the Patch Inspector
20. Skipping Patches
21. Creating Sets from Multiple Patches
22. Sharing Sets Between Concerts
23. Concert, Set & Patch Tempo
24. Tempo from MIDI Input & Configuring Tap Tempo
25. Over-Ride Concert Parameters Within Sets & Patches
26. Program Changes & Pan Law
27. Concert Wide Mappings & Channel Strips
28. The Channel Strip Inspector
29. Cheating the Channel Strips Library
30. Saving Channel Strips into Patches
31. Managing & Saving Concerts Using Project Settings
32. Creating Layers
33. Velocity Ranges
34. Velocity Scaling
35. Note Input Scaling & Transpositions
36. Defining Key Ranges & Split Points
37. Editing Expression Pedal Parameters
38. Setting Knob & Slider Range Parameters
39. Editing Knobs & Sliders Using the Parameter Graph
40. Editing Labels & Colors for Screen Controls
41. Setting Knob & Slider Behaviors from Patch to Patch
42. Mapping Screen Controls to Plug-Ins
43. Mapping A Screen Control to Multiple Parameters
44. Mapping Screen Controls to all Channels in a Patch
45. Add Eight Buttons & Assign Action Mappings
46. Using Multiple MIDI Input Devices
47. Explore the Layout Mode
48. Screen Control Types
49. Grouping, Alignment & Distribution of Screen Contro...
50. Layout Mode Selection Techniques
51. Using Grouped Controls to Build Instruments
52. Lifting & Stamping Attributes
53. Text, Colors & Pictures
54. Importing & Exporting Layouts
55. Adding a Keyboard to a Guitar Template
56. Adding Stomp Box Effects to a Vocal Concert
57. Controlling Multiple Vocal Effects with a Single Kn...
58. Creating a Visual Metronome
59. Mapping Visual Metronome Parameters
60. Adding Playback Tracks
61. The Playback Interface
62. Working With Sync Mode
63. Adding Markers in Logic
64. Manage Multiple Playbacks with Grouping
65. The Loopback Interface
66. Integrating Loopbacks into Your Concert
67. Four Loopbacks at Once
68. Recording Your Performance
69. Configuring Rewire Applications in MainStage
70. Controlling Rewire Applications with Screen Control...
71. Using the Channel Strip Alias to Manage CPU
72. Manage CPU with the Real Activity Monitor
73. Using External Audio Effects Devices
74. Key Commands & Musical Typing

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OS: Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8 ARM

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