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If you design and build your own model rockets, you have to make sure that they will fly straight when launched. That's not an easy task - and that's why we invented SpaceCAD. SpaceCAD ensures the safe flight and return of your model rocket, by predicting its stability.

Predicting a rocket's stability is a breeze with SpaceCAD. Change and tweak your design until it is perfectly stable. Don't lose your hard work just because you didn't check your rocket's stability! SpaceCAD is the insurance for your rocket's safe flight

Design rockets on-screen and view them in 2D and 3D

SpaceCAD makes it easy for you to design rockets. You can view them in 2D and 3D, you can zoom into your design and you can get see how your rocket will look like - before you even start building it. Just think of the hours saved by tweaking your design to the max without sacrificing valuable material!

Tune your rockets for maximum altitude

You also want to know how high your rocket will fly? The click of one button will tell you. It's really that simple! SpaceCAD also answers questions like

What's the best parachute for my rocket?
How high will my rocket fly?
What is the best delay for that flight?

Just try it for yourself - and order SpaceCAD now!

Build your designs quicker

Now that you have stable rocket design, you'll also want to build it. Just order the parts that you took from the element library (nose cones, body tubes, transitions, ...) through your reseller. For the fins, just print the fin cut-out pattern, the fin positioning guide and you are set. This makes building the rocket a lot easier - so don't wait and order now!
Improve your out-of-the-box rocket kits

If you are more into building out-of-the-box rocket kits, SpaceCAD is also the best choice for you. Why? Rocket kits are not designed for maximum strength. You can and should change and optimize them. But changing a rocket also means that you have to check if it is still stable - and that's best done with SpaceCAD. So get your own copy today!

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x64 compatible software
Homepage: SpaceCAD
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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