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HP Universal Print PS Driver 64-bit
The HP Universal Print Driver is the single driver that gives users access to a range of HP print devices--in the office or on the road--without downloading separate drivers for every ...

Intel NUC8CCHB NUC Board BIOS 0053
New Fixes/Features:- Fixed issue to notify the EC to stop EC watchdog timer counter - Updated ME Firmware to - Fixed issue with NTFS DXE driver when parsing NTFS file ...

Intel LAPQC71D NUC Kit BIOS 0128
Versions:- ME Firmware: Consumer - EC Firmware: 1.26.09 - PMC Firmware: 300.2.11.1025 - Boot Guard ACM: 4351 - Memory Reference Code: Based on  - Integrated Graphics Option ROM: 9.2.1019 ...