Edcast 3.37.2011.1214

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Edcast (aka Oddcast) was probably the best alternative to shoutcast's own DSP for sourcing shoutcast DNAS - in fact, many would argue it was superior in many ways. For example, it can also source Icecast natively, not in dumbed down shoutcast emulation mode.

A year ago, or more, I can't recall, "oddsock" shut down, due to undisclosed issues.

A year before that, however, I'd already tinkered with the code, adding an ASIO version. Primarily for my own, unusual, set up. When oddsock shut down, I decided to step up and continue his work, hopefully improving on it.


* Allow changing YP info even for private stream
* Windows Vista/7 compatibility - user writable files (config/log) will default to userusernameappdatalocaledcast* folder
* for dsp versions in Windows Vista/7 compatibility - user writable files (config/log) will default to userusernameappdataroamingwinampplugins folder
* Password no longer clobbered by sending metadata
* Fixed device initialisation bug at startup in STANDALONE and DSP
* Fix long standing edcast issue with Virtual Audio Cables
* Fix internal buffer overflow when sending metadata
* NEW DSP with Fraunhofer support
* "Are you sure" prompt when closing down edcast
* Attenuation per encoder
* Limiter with pre-emphasis and pre-gain
* Start in tray
* Improved audio handling
* Latest BASS.dll - fixes the 3 hour issue
* DSP version: set encoders individually to "Always record from DSP" - allows 2 different sources for one edcast
* Don't log encoder speed unless logging level is set to DEBUG
* Fix config file issues
* Sample rate selection for ASIO
* VU Meter in RMS mode also shows peak
* fix MP3 settings - should be able to actually use some of the more esoteric settings.

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