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Blue Ridge AppGuard

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license: Trialware ($24.95)
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updated: 2015-05-11

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Blue Ridge Networks
Every 10 minutes cyber criminals alter their attack code, virus, worm, Trojan, and other zero-day malware, resulting in typical anti-virus/spyware software (signature-based) only stopping 29% of today’s attacks on average. Adding AppGuard more than triples your computer protection without the confusion found in alternatives.Triples Your Computer Protection.

Highly Effective Computer Protection

* Blocks Zero-day Malware Attacks — Prevents flaws in popular software applications from being used to infest computers.
* Plugs Malware-Caused Data Leaks - Sandboxes high-risk applications (web browsers by default) such that they cannot access user folders designated as private without user permission, preventing data leaks, destruction, and/or ransom
* Snuffs-Out Malware ‘Downloaders’ — Malware ‘downloaders’ (a.k.a., drive-by download attacks) that malicious web servers push into PCs through web browser flaws cannot execute, nor can other malicious executables.
* Nullifies ActiveX Vulnerabilities — Allows ActiveX controls spawned by popular applications to run as intended while preventing them from installing malware.
* Blocks USB Malware Attacks — Permits end-users to safely read and write to thumb drives and other USB devices plugged into their PC. It blocks malware hidden on USB media or mistakenly triggered by end-users.
* (New) Thwarts Master Boot Record (MBR) Attacks — Blocks all write operations to MBR, thwarting vicious attacks such as KillDisk as well as rootkit-based malware infestations such as Mebroot.

AppGuard Prevents Malware Infections when PC Users:

* Browse Hacked Websites
* Open Malicious Email Attachments
* Insert Infected USB Drives
* Open Tainted Documents (pdf, xls, doc, etc.)
* Play Spiked Multimedia Files (jpg, avi, etc.)
* Use Software Requiring Security Patches

AppGuard Plugs Malware-Caused Data Leaks

* Attackers Cannot Steal, Delete, or Ransom Sensitive Documents/Files
* Read more about Guard in Privacy Mode
* Blocks Drive-by Download Attacks

Your AntiVirus & Anti-Spyware (AV/AS) Software Are Leaking

* They Miss ‘New’ Virus, Worms, Trojans, and other Malware
* They Stop ‘Old’ Malware
* Malware Mutates Every 10 Minutes to Elude AV/AS
* AV/AS Vendors Catch-up Days or Weeks Later
* AV/AS Stops Only 29% of Current Malware

AppGuard Added to Any AV/AS Boosts Protection to Over 90%

* Any AV/AS Stops ‘Old’ Malware
* AppGuard Stops ‘New’ Malware
* AppGuard Plus AV/AS Freeware More Effective than Expensive Name-Brands
* Best AntiVirus Software Solution for Virus, Worms, Trojan, USB, and other Malware

Simple, Quiet Protection

* Caters to Novice users
* Protects Without User-Questions
* Set-up in Minutes
* Spares Users from Pedantic Techno-Babble

Geeks Like AppGuard

* Uses Extremely Little CPU
* Very Small Footprint
* Highly Effective Protection
* Unusually Non-Invasive to PC Software
* Requires No Signatures, it’s Always Up-to-Date
* Places Technical Details in Windows Event Logs

Can Protect Business PCs Too

* AppGuard Settings can be Remotely Administered
* Use 3rd Party Software Distribution to Install and/or Update Settings
* Use 3rd Party Windows Event Log Software for AppGuard Reporting
* “Mini White List” Settings can Block Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Games, and Other Risky Freeware/Shareware
* Ease of Use and Administration make AppGuard the Best AntiVirus Software Protection for Corporate, Government, and other Enterprise Computer Security

AppGuard Comparison with Name-Brand AntiVirus Software Suites

* Use Any AntiVirus/Anti-Spyware Software with AppGuard
* Blocks More Virus, Worms, Trojans, USB, and other Malware
* Easier to Use and Administer
* Far Less Distracting to End-Users
* No Management Server Required
* Cost Savings of more than 50%

Blue Ridge AppGuardAd BlockersWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

User Rating: 2.2 (9 votes)

x64 compatible software
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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