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Michael Valentiner-Branth
miTaggedMarks is an efficient application that will enable users to easily add and organize certain bookmarks. miTaggedMarks introduces some new ways to handle a large number of tags easily. Tags can be added, deleted and renamed at any time.

On import of existing bookmark files or Favorite folders the folder names of the hierarchical structure are used as tags in miTaggedMarks, so you can start with your existing collection of bookmarks.

You are free to assign any combination of these tags to any bookmark. You may add or de-assign tags to/from bookmarks at any time.

The tags in miTaggedMarks completely replace the usual hierarchical folder structure that can be found in explorer-like applications and in every menu structure that uses submenus, like the bookmark menus in browsers.

In miTaggedMarks there is no hierarchy, just a plain list of tags, like:
· Cameras
· Computers
· Magazines
· Shops
· Weather

When accessing the bookmarks, you choose one of the tags from the list, for example Computers, and get a list of your bookmarks with Computer assigned to, separated into sections by the additional tags.


Bookmark manager:
· used to manage and access bookmarks independently from browsers and with access to up to five different browsers at the same time.

Bookmarks by Tags:
· Uses tags to organize (categorize) and access bookmarks.
· On import tags are generated from the folder names of the source structure, and assigned to the bookmarks from these folders.
· tags may be assigned to bookmarks
· in the DirectTags panel directly in main window.
· with the popup menu, by drag and drop, in the properties dialog, and de-assigned in the same ways.
· Easy access to the tags using - TopTags (important tags),
· alphabetically sorted list, a menubar with submenus in alphabetical order, recently-used lists and lists with "associated" tags.
· dynamic tag list for access; hides tags that would not make sense to select in the current situation.
· Undo/Redo for keyword assignment. Helps to use the powerful functions without risk.

Supports all standard browsers and many more:
· Integrated support for all standard browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey, Opera and Safari) as well as for Avant Browser, Maxthon and Sleipnir.
· Support for nearly any other browser, incl. Google Chrome, with bookmarklets.
· Support for new browsers or new versions of browsers is easy to add with the browser config file.
· Configure up to five browsers to use with miTaggedMarks at the same time.
· Import of Windows Favorites and bookmarks in Netscape / Mozilla / Firefox and in Opera format.
· Import from Powermarks (bookmarks with keywords / tags).

Add new bookmarks from browser and/or clipboard in several ways:
· The take-over menu lists links from browser windows and clipboard that can be taken over as a bookmark.
· The take-over menu can be accessed from - the AccessTriangle (a small triangle for permanent access to miTaggedMarks, may be positioned free at any edge of the screen), an icon in the system tray, a button in the main window's toolbar, from the section title of a group of bookmarks, to assign the same tags.
· Extracts URL from a text in clipboard, the surrounding text is used as comment.
· Function to replace a bookmark by one from the take-over menu, useful if the URL of a known page has changed.
· Receiving link data from browsers by using bookmarklets.
· Detection of existing URLs: When trying to add an URL that already exists in the database, the existing one is edited instead. Helps to avoid duplicate URLs.
· List with URLs from same domain helps to avoid saving unwanted similar URLs.

Additional Features:
· Portable Mode for usage on USB sticks, also works with portable browsers.
· Type2Find filters the whole list of bookmarks by the entered sequence of characters on-the-fly.
· New: Includes search for tags now, and search for several text fragments or for "words" only.
· Recycle bin for deleted bookmarks.

User Rating: 3.0 (7 votes)

x64 compatible software
OS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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