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Optimik 3.54

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OPTIMIK is a universal software tool that allows you to keep records of jobs, documents, products and stores easily and conveniently. It offers functions for automatic pricing, calculations of cutting plans for panel and bar materials, automatic conversion of dimensions of product components and many other features. It is primarily designed for manufacturers of furniture and other products from panel and bar materials (wood, metal, glass), but some its modules (documents, store, directory) can be also used universally.

OPTIMIK uses the robust Firebird database, has intuitive control, and provides users with the possibility to edit and prepare print sets. Moreover, it includes an option of parametric start and data import and export. Given features make the software open for other applications and enables its integration into other application systems.

OPTIMIK program developed since 1999, has gained a lot of users for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Increasing demands and requirements for new features have led to the development of entirely new and revised OPTIMIK of the second generation, which comes on the market these days. In addition to improved optimization algorithm and its enlargement for optimization of the bar materials and materials with defects, the program offers stock module, option to create any document such as invoice, offer, receipt card and issue card, recording of business partners, jobs and products, user editing print reports with barcode printing capability, data imports and exports, the possibility of multi-user access, etc.


· Record-keeping of the configuration sets
· Do you have many same configuration sets in your orders? Set them into the program only once and then you will be able to move them into the order always, when it is necessary
· Do you need to put thousands of plates into OPTIMIK from another program? Does your program need lists of plates from the OPTIMIK? Export and Import of the plates will be enabled by the text file/editor
· Unlimited recounts
· Thanks to the program you can set as many orders, plates, cut-offs and materials as you need
· Unlimited correction and deletion possibilities
· Nobody is perfect! With OPTIMIK corrections and recounts done in a second
· 100% utilization of the cut-offs
· Program preferably uses cut- offs from the record kept from the previous orders and it automatically adds and revises its record. You do not have to rush through the stock to find usable pieces of material any more; the program will find them instead of you
· Fast and accurate planning
· Computing/calculating algorithm with optimalized speed will enable you in a while to design cutting plans, on which you would spend long hours
· Automatic selection of the most suitable material format
· If several formats of one material are stored in OPTIMIK, the most suitable format is used in calculation automatically, while achieving still greater use of the material
· Big number of printable configuration sets
· You can print cutting plans, list of the plates, and cut-offs in the listing of orders, cutting plans, lists of the made cut/offs, total list of further utilizable cut-offs, statistics
· Various printing settings
· In the printing configuration plans you can insert text, set the colour, change the font for the description of the plates and cut-offs etc
· Records on materials
· All the material, its formats, and receipts and issues will be recorded in one place in a lucid manner
· An option to enter the dimensions in different units of length
· In the program, the dimensions can be entered in millimetres, centimetres, decimetres, metres, decimal inches, fraction inches, feet and inches as you are used to. The board dimension in the format 5' 11 5/8" x 3' 10 13/16" will not be a "nightmare" for you any more
· Calculation in no time
· You will not particularly notice how fast the program will calculate total costs of your jobs and sets and it will recalculate them at the

User Rating: 2.7 (15 votes)

x64 compatible software
Homepage: Optimik
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

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