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SSuite NetSurfer Browser x64

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license: Freeware
downloads: 27
size: 11.41 MB
updated: 2023-03-22

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x64 native software

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SSuite Office Software
SSuite NetSurfer runs on the internal web engine of Microsoft's Edge browser, also known as the WebView2 runtime control. The WebView2 control uses Microsoft Edge as the rendering engine, so our application has no other connection with Microsoft's Edge browser itself, or any other tracking or data collection built into it. We did this because the WebView2 control is now the main browser engine in all the latest Windows releases. It has recently come to light that Google is employing ex-CIA agents to help with their data collecting and information gathering on their users. This is a major concern for anybody using any of their services or products. This is also part why we created our own browser that runs directly of the WebView2 runtime control. This ensures no tracking, information collection, or any other data leaks on your browsing habits from BigTech. NetSurfer also blocks social media and website tracking from websites that you visit, but individual cookie blocking is also available for the more paranoid out there. Just open the website in a separate popup window by clicking on the Window button that can be found on the left-hand side of the main toolbar. After the website has opened in the new popup window, click on the small lock icon next to the address bar to change your security preferences. We have also added a (Private Mode) browsing function to ensure complete protection against personal data collection and tracking across website surfing. You will be completely safe from anyone trying to track and collect your personal browsing data. The WebView2 runtime control does not support Extensions, this is due to security concerns. By default, WebView2 is evergreen and receives automatic updates to help you stay on the latest and most secure surfing platform. The WebView2 runtime control is Chromium-based for best performance and security. No Java or DotNet required, Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time...

SSuite NetSurfer Browser x64BrowsersWindows 7 x64, Win8 x64, Win10 x64, Win11 x64, Win12 x64

User Rating: 5.0 (11 votes)

x64 native software
OS: Windows 7 x64, Win8 x64, Win10 x64, Win11 x64, Win12 x64
Requirements: 1024x768 Display Size | Windows 64bit x64

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