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Visual DataFlex® is an advanced software tool designed for developing database application software - fast and easy. It delivers...

Capability - With Visual DataFlex, developers can quickly build fast, reliable database applications and commercial, vertical market business solutions for deployment on Windows, in web browsers and as web services.

Completeness - Visual DataFlex provides everything developers need to succeed... a design studio, an application framework and AJAX Library, productivity enhancing wizards and code generators, a robust class library, connectivity for leading SQL database servers, an embedded database and a scalable, high-performance Web Application Server.

Community - Data Access Worldwide partners with its customers to help build their success. Visual DataFlex is surrounded by an active, global community of professional developers.

Extend Windows desktop applications to the Internet
Visual DataFlex provides robust support for XML through a class interface based on the industry standard XML Document Object Model (DOM). XML documents can be delivered to Internet URLs using Visual DataFlex’s FTP and HTTP classes. The cMapiHandler class provides extensive MAPI support to read and write email.

Build Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures
Web services are driving many companies’ application strategies today. Visual DataFlex makes building, publishing and consuming web services fast and easy. Click for more web services information.

Multi-user database operations are automatic
The applications you create in Visual DataFlex manage multi-user concurrency without the need for any special coding. Plus, if you elect to use one of the many client/server options available for Visual DataFlex applications, your unchanged applications will trigger the transaction capabilities of the host environment.

Data Aware Controls without the need for custom code
Writing code just to establish the links between a control and your data is a thing of the past. Visual DataFlex delivers easy-to-use, database independent, data-aware controls out of the box to jumpstart development and deliver working business solutions fast.

Easily Integrate COM Automation and Active-X controls
Using pre-built components enhances productivity and accelerates solution building. Visual DataFlex enables you to easily integrate the vast array of COM servers and ActiveX controls into your Visual DataFlex solutions.

"No worries" about data integrity
With Visual DataFlex, a solution’s business rules and data validations are encapsulated in middle-tier Data Dictionary Objects that are automatically bound to the application interface whether it runs on the Windows desktop, in a web browser or as a web service. Data Dictionary modeling is accomplished with the Visual Data Dictionary designer allowing you to visually maintain your rules and validations without the need to work directly with source code.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and improve the consistency of your applications
Every component of your application, from the database and business rules, to forms and reports are reusable and extendable. Visual DataFlex’s enhanced support for sub-classing and external classes provides the simplicity of drag and drop development for all custom controls.

High-level control when you want it
When dealing with code is inefficient or unnecessary, Studio’s high-level tools provide fast and easy access to the visual and database properties of each control.

Complete control when you need it
When you have to touch and feel your application’s code, Studio’s Code Explorer puts it, and the awesome power of Visual DataFlex’s object-oriented 4GL, all at your fingertips.

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x64 compatible software
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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