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Kactus2 3.9.0   
... have only the traditional toolset: office tools (doc, xls, ppt) for specification/documentation and VHDL, C/C++, and FPGA tools for designs. Kactus2 helps taking a step to metadata based design that ...
Open Source

PHP Excel screenshot
PHP Excel 1.8.2   
Project providing a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to and read from different spreadsheet file formats, like Excel (BIFF) .xls, Excel 2007 (OfficeOpenXML) ...
Open Source

LSACreator 2.1.5535.1685   
... to any number of languages. - XML import/export, xls (Excel) export. - Assembly post-build scripts. Automatic translations: - Integrated with Google Translate. - Uses Dictionary Translation. - Checks and reduces ...

Really Easy Software Builder
Really Easy Software Builder 0.1   
Easily Create Your Software From Other People's Work Really Easy Software Builder allows you to create "packages" of items. These items can be things you created yourself - but more usually ...
Shareware | $67.00

Excavator 1.0.11   
... its done, you can download it in CSV, XLS, JSON format or even retrieve it using our Rest API. If you dont have any programming skills, you can use Excavator ...

Modbus Slave screenshot
Modbus Slave 9.0.0   
Modbus Slave is for simulating up to 32 slave devices in 32 windows!. Speed up your PLC programming with this simulating tools. Start programming and test before you receive your slave ...
Trialware | $99.00

CSharp Read CSV File in CSharp
CSharp Read CSV File in CSharp 2022.12.10926   
IronSoftware has launched its new utility tool CSharp Read CSV File in CSharp available at homepage . This easy-to-use application allows you to read, write, edit, and create Excel formatted files ...
Shareware | $749.00

How to Read Excel File CSharp
How to Read Excel File CSharp 2021.12   
IronSoftware has a new application tool that allows you to read, edit, and create Excel formatted spreadsheet files inside the C# .NET projects without needing to install Microsoft Office applications or ...
Shareware | $499.00

Aspose Cells
Aspose Cells 2022.7.7362   
... build. Aspose Cells allows you to export in XLS, XLSV, TSV, CSV, and JSON. It also sends Excel data into PDFs, plain text, and most popular image formats. That allows ...
Shareware | $499.00

C# Excel Border Style
C# Excel Border Style 2022.7.7362   
... to other third-party software. You can import using XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV file formats and export in the same as well as JSON. This enhances your application by introducing Excel-related features for everything ...
Shareware | $499.00

NPOI Excel C#
NPOI Excel C# 2022.7.7362   
... You can import files using common extensions like XLS, XLSX, TSV and CSV. That includes exporting in the same formats plus JSON. That kind of versatility is exactly what so ...
Shareware | $499.00

C# Excel Formula
C# Excel Formula 2022.7.7362   
... invoices directly. C# Excel Formula allows importing of XLS, XLSX, TSV, and CSV file formats. It can also export the same with the addition of JSON. C# Excel Formula fully ...
Shareware | $499.00

Convert XLS to XLSX C#
Convert XLS to XLSX C# 2022.9.9454   
... IronSoftware can help. With the new tool Convert XLS to XLSX C#, you can add creating, editing, ... and money from your team. In fact, Convert XLS to XLSX C# is entirely free to use ...
Shareware | $499.00

Convert Excel Spreadsheet C#
Convert Excel Spreadsheet C# 2022.9.9454   
... you to import and export common formats like XLS/XLSX/CSV/TSV and more. It does this by working with spreadsheets as System.Data.DataSet and System.Data.DataTable objects, making it far more versatile in practical ...
Shareware | $499.00

C# Excel Library Download
C# Excel Library Download 2022.9.9454   
Add the ability to edit Excel files with C# Excel Library Download to any project. This prevents all the costs and endless hassle of using bulky programs like Microsoft Excel or ...
Shareware | $499.00

C# Excel Add In
C# Excel Add In 2022.9.9454   
Add spreadsheet versatility to any project in development with C# Excel Add-In. This allows your dev team to enable Excel manipulation by adding, combining, editing, and creating Excel files inside the ...
Shareware | $499.00

C# Excel Cell Format
C# Excel Cell Format 2022.9.9454   
... easily and quickly convert common file types like XLS, XLSX, JSON, CSV, TSV, and more, as well as export or import these file types for ease of sharing data and ...
Shareware | $499.00

C# Excel Worksheet
C# Excel Worksheet 2022.11.10251   
... or import data based on common formats like XLS, XLSX, JSON, CSV, TSV, and more. This solution fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure and is available for ...
Shareware | $749.00

Microsoft Office Interop Excel C#
Microsoft Office Interop Excel C# 2022.12.10926   
Microsoft Office Interop Excel C# offers a quick and easy solution to the consumer-driven demands of today's crowded marketplace. Whether your end users are individuals hoping to expand their side hustles ...
Shareware | $749.00

CSharp Excel Interop
CSharp Excel Interop 2022.12.10926   
Practically every modern business in today's ever-changing consumer-driven world relies on spreadsheets for daily operations. It could be something as simple as tracking volunteer hours at a non-profit or deciding what ...
Shareware | $749.00

CsvHelper Alternative
CsvHelper Alternative 2022.12.11262   
Today's marketplace requires complete product offerings that solve the common problems of a target market. As practically every business and individual user makes use of spreadsheets for everything from managing a ...
Shareware | $749.00

CSVWriter Alternative
CSVWriter Alternative 2022.12.11262   
Think about all the businesses lining your busy town's marketplace. Almost every one of them is using some form of a spreadsheet-based piece of software to perform essential duties like inventory ...
Shareware | $749.00

GrapeCity Excel Alternative
GrapeCity Excel Alternative 2023.1.14   
Practically every business in today's fast-paced, consumer-driven world utilizes spreadsheets in one way or another. From verifying employee hours to ensuring proper inventory of a dropshipping company, spreadsheets make the business ...
Shareware | $749.00

Syncfusion Excel Alternative
Syncfusion Excel Alternative 2023.1.14   
Look behind the curtain of the main street cafes or massive industry leaders, and you are bound to find an essential process running on spreadsheets. That could be something as simple ...
Shareware | $749.00
Displayed: 1 - 24 of 24
Sort by:  relevance | title | downloads | rating | date

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