OpenXava 6.3.2

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updated: 2020-04-02

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Javier Paniza
OpenXava is a handy framework that will enable you to develop AJAX JavaEE / J2EE applications rapidly and easily. This framework allows you to define applications just with POJOs, JPA and Java 5 annotations, it is feature rich and flexible and it generates JSR-168 portlet applications (Liferay, WebSphere Portal, Jetspeed, etc)

OpenXava has been created by Java developers for their own use; hence it's powerful, extensible and enjoyable by a Java expert. In the other hand OpenXava allows to a new Java developer to start rapidly to be productive, therefore is a pleasant experience for beginners too.


· Has been used during years to develop enterprise applications.
· High productivity for developing business applications.
· Short learning curve and easy to use.
· Flexible enough to create sophisticated applications.
· It's possible to insert your own functionality in every place.
· No code generation: touch your code try your application in a few seconds.
· Based in the concept of business component.
· Although the User Interface is automatically generated (on fly) a fine tunning front-end arrangement is allowed.
· Full AJAX support: no page reloading is done.
· Adapted to work with legacy database schemas.
· Supports any application server (Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, etc).
· Supports JSR-168: All OpenXava modules are standard portlets too.
· Persistence engine: EJB3 JPA, Hibernate or EJB2 CMP. You choose.
· It's tested with the portals: JetSpeed 2, WebSphere Portal, Liferay and Stringbeans.
· Easy integration of reports made with JasperReports.
· Exhaustive documentation in English, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.
· All labels and messages are in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Polish, Indonesian, French, Italian, Serbian, Swedish and Catalan, with more coming.

User Rating: 2.3 (24 votes)

x64 compatible software
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