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SeiSee 2.22.6

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updated: 2015-04-17

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Sergey I. Pavlukhin
SeiSee is a useful application for the users that need to view and to analyze the data about earthquakes stored in SEG-Y files. The program can also view the content of CWP, CGG and CST files in order to examine the data.You can use the program to open the single shot files and to view the headers and the seismic data. The file processing can be adjusted by changing the gain control and the filter spectrum.

SeiSee program shows seismic data in SEG-Y, CWP/SU, CGG CST format on screen of your personal computer.

The SeiSee features:

- supports standard integer (2,4 bytes) and IBM float (4 bytes) sample formats
- nonstandard integer(1 byte), float IEEE (4 bytes) sample formats[1]
- CGG Geovecteur disk SEG-Y format (.dat) (stg1)
- CWP/SU format (Seismic Un*x)
- CGG CST seismic files
- shows seismic in various modes (wiggle, variable area, variable density, color)
- scaling seismic image, gain control, axes labeling setup
- plots seismic to printer (plotter)
- exports the image in Windows Bitmap (.bmp) and PostScript formats.
- SEG-Y trace headers display (formats Integer*1,*2,*4, IEEE Float*4,*8, IBM Float*4 are supported)
- trace searching by header item value
- data samples browsing
- text header and binary editor
- band pass filter
- automatic gain control (AGC)
- headers consistency check
- write whole SEG-Y file or part of it to disk in SEG-Y (IBM-32) format with ability to select data on base of trace index or trace header value and given time interval; reversal trace order is also supported, processing parameters can be applied to recorded data (filter, AGC etc).
- export trace(s) sample and header values to text file
- import trace headers values from text file
- trace shift according with “Delay Recording Time” trace header value
- selection of traces to be displayed by trace index or header value and by expression
- trace headers change by means expressions
- single trace header value editing
- open and fix files containing wrong data in binary header (Recovery Mode)
- fast disc directory browsing
- trace and section power spectrum
- trace sorting, save color palette to file

User Rating: 1.5 (36 votes)

x64 compatible software
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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